Lack of Professionalism in Pakistan Cricket Board

Lack of Professionalism in Pakistan Cricket Board

  Where there were many changes in the new Pakistan, the Pakistan Cricket Board also went on the path of change. Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi has been removed and Ihsan Mani has been given the record

Ehsan Mani has considerable experience in the field of cricket as he has long been associated with cricket. Before being the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Ehsan Khan remained associated with the Cricket Board for a long time.
Representing Pakistan in the Special Advisory Committees of the ICC and also being associated with the ICC’s advertisements sectors. And above all, he was also the President of the International Cricket Council from 2003 to 2006

  In 2018, the great captain Imran Khan took over the government, then the patron-in-chief of the cricket board Prime Minister Imran Khan removed Najam Sethi and made Ehsan Mani the chairman of the cricket board.

The greatest achievement that Najam Sethi performed during the chairman’s night is to make the dream of Pakistan Super League a reality. He also paved the way for international cricket to return to Pakistan. These include Zimbabwe, West Indies and the International All-Star XI. Although Najam Sethi worked hard but throughout this period all matters revolved around Najam Sethi.
Ehsan Mani introduces new MD post after taking oath of office and appoints Wasim Khan as MD. And announced that they would abstain from all matters so that the cricket board could be run in a professional manner.It was a good effort But matters are just like that. Now Waseem Khan has taken over the place of Najam Sethi. And the entire cricket board is revolving around Wasim Khan
Now if you look at the other cricket boards, how the boards in Australia, England and New Zealand are disputed no matter what the task is. From board chairman to player selection a great system appears. And if you look at the Pakistan Cricket Board, everything is embraced by them. Be it team selection or coaching, domestic cricket or international cricket, board affairs, or the media, there is chaos everywhere.
The thing to think about is, why even with so much effort is not improving, the only thing that comes to mind is the lack of professionals. If you look at the rules of the board, it turns out that there are many employees who are affiliated with the board for money only who have no idea of ​​their responsibilities and rights. In each case, they close their eyes and say yes sir, and thinking “If you disagree, you will be fired.” Including several former cricketers

Only the appointment of Waseem Khan to MD cannot be done. The requirement is that, like Waseem Khan, people who are familiar with their work should be deployed at their respective places. The board should not just be around a man but professionalism in the cricket board. So that any task can be thought of at once and not repeatedly altered and even juggled.