PCB sets the deadline for BCCI

Cricket is now coming back to Pakistan and all the fans are really exited. In the meeting of Asian Cricket Council (ACC) last year ACC members have decided to give hosting rights for Asia Cup 2020 to Pakistan. Pakistan cricket fans really urges from their board to host Asia cup in Pakistan.

But the biggest challenge for Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is to host Indian team. In the recent interview of PCB’s ceo Wasim Khan he says that we really wanted to host Indian team. And the security arrangements in Pakistan is as good as in any other country. It is now on India weather there wanted to come to Pakistan or not. He further says that if they agree to come then most welcome but if they refuses to come to our country then ACC will take the final decision.

But now Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)  sets the deadline for BCCI. PCB  Chief Executive  Officer (CEO) Wasim Khan give the statement ahead of Asia Cup 2020. According to the statement India have to decide their participation in Asia cup before June 2020. Asia Cup will be played in September 2020. And if they agree to come to Pakistan then Asia Cup will be played in Pakistan but if India refuses to travel to Pakistan then ACC will take the final call. And may be Asia Cup will held in UAE like the 2018 Asia Cup. Many experts feels that PCB should handle this situation strictly. Because Pakistan is providing full proof security to the teams who are touring Pakistan and now Pakistan is fully safe for International sports. And India should help Pakistan by sending their team. If India agree to send their team then it will be a very positive and big move in Pakistan cricket.