Hero of Pakistan Domestic Cricket and Zero of International Cricket

*Hero of Pakistan Domestic Cricket and Zero of International Cricket*

Pakistan Domestic Cricket is a system which is the employment of many cricket related players.  Internationally all the players representing Pakistan revolve around this system. If you look at Pakistan Domestic Cricket, there are many players that you will find impressed with their performances.  But if viewed internationally, Pakistan cricket team will see a lack of players who will impress you with their performances.  Even if cricketers who perform at the domestic level are tested, their performance is the same as salt in flour.

There are some players who are also performing in international cricket but none of Babar Azam’s no other players are performing consistently. The performances of any player do not appear to be internationally acclaimed.  There are several names that surprised everyone with their excellent performances in the first few matches but soon disappeared from the screen.  Ahmed Shehzad and Omar Akmal are two names that have come pakistan side and all experts say that they are the players who will brok many record .  But the strings failed, despite the opportunity

 In addition you can see Khurram Manzoor, Hamad Azam, Omar Amin Hassan Raza and many other players who are consistently performing in domestic cricket but they are international flop players who could not take advantage of many opportunities.  If you look at the Indian team, how did Rohit Sharma, Kohli and Dhoni replace Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar and Saro Ganguly but also as their substitute who are waiting for an opportunity.

  In this case, the Pakistan Cricket Board has to play the role that the coaching staff has been given with so much money so why they are not able to get performances from the players but their natural game is also getting worse.  So don’t go for the big names of coaches.  Rather, it should be assigned to coaches who are performing in domestic cricket.