No.1 spot is loading for Babar Azam in ODIs

Babar azam and no 1 ODI spot loading


If you look back at the history of Pakistan cricket, five years ago, there was no player in the ODI batting line who could make run and be trusted, except for a few older players and in the near future There was no hope. there was a young player coming into the team that started the game four or four innings only after the cricket gurus had predicted a great player.

No one knew about Babar Azam, who debuted in 2015, and the boy would soon have an impact on world cricket. because Pakistan has always been produced bowlers in cricket

Babar Azam is currently the number one player in T20I Rankings. Babar Azam is the No. 3 player in One Day International. The recent series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka is a golden opportunity for Babar Azam, for the number one ODI batsman and Get the honor. But the rain is hindering them too  because the first match does not seem to be fulfilling so quickly because of the sight of the rain – before international cricket, Babar Azam represented Pakistan A and Under-Nine.

After debuting in the home series against Zimbabwe in 2015, Babar Azam did not look back and hit 3 centuries in the series against the West Indies and Babar is now the first player to score 1000 runs in Pakistan.  Has scored more than 1000 runs in T20s as well – Babar Azam has played a few good innings in red ball cricket but still fails to make an impression.

Now see whether Babar Azam takes the number one position in the series against Sri Lanka or will he has to wait longer.