Should Indian Players Allowed to Play Other T20 Leagues??


IPL is biggest Brand of League Cricket in the world . BCCI only allow their retired players to play other T20 leagues. But  now some of India’s X-players and Experts start talking about India players should allow to play other leagues as well. And one the reason behind is Upcoming T20 world cup will be played in Australia and Experts think Indian players should allow to play BIG BASH and get use to Conditions . Will BCCI allow their player to go and play other league ? Thats a big question . But Lets look at some positive and negative aspect of allowing India’s players to play other Leagues.

BCCI Give handsome amount of money to Central Contracted Players more than they can even think. India player with A category can easily make money upto 7 crore . And what BCCI demand from their players ? BCCI want their players to be fit all the time and BCCI is managing workload of their players properly. So BCCI think they are paying enough money to their players more than they can get from league cricket.

IPL is only Tournament where you see all India stars in action for more then 2 months. So World wait whole year to watch Indian players in action . So how can BCCI allow their players  to play other league and effect their own brand IPL. . BCCI thinks if Indian audience gets to see their cricketers play in other tournaments, the interest in IPL will diminish.

And one of other issue is Board officials say that they don’t want a situation like West Indies to emerge in India where most of their top cricketers are busy playing T20 cricket by ignoring the national team.

Biggest argument one can make in favor of allowing Indian players to play other league is what about “Non central contracted players”? And what about those player who are specialized T20 players and want to play league cricket around the world. And that seems to be a genuine argument. There are many players who want to improve their skill and want to get some money.