Pakistan Domestic Cricket New Fashion with Old Faces

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*Pakistan Domestic Cricket New System Old Faces *

There has been talk of a change in domestic cricket for a long time, finally coming to a new Pakistan. Which is undoubtedly the effort of chairman Ehsan Mani and MD Wasim Khan. The new structure was given to the acting chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board, Imran Khan.  Not only approved but also supported as a player for a long time. The new structure was adapted from the Australian Domestic Structure, which included six teams First XI and Second XI. The goal of reducing the teams was good cricket and competition.  To create an atmosphere so that all the players work hard.

Many former cricketers in which Shahid Afridi is leading seem to agree that Pakistan does not have the talent level available at present – the main reason being the non-standard and high cricket and the performance and hard work of the players due to so much cricket.

Where there are supporters of the new system, many former stars also appear with the old system. They include Googly Master Abdul Qadir Latem. May Allaah simplify the destinations of his grave.  He point out that it will increase unemployment and insecurity among the players.

But now the question arises whether the new system can run the old faces if not then why can’t Zakir Khan and others like him who have been associated with Pakistan Cricket Board for a while?? . MD Wasim Khan Wanting to run the system professionally, but when they do everything themselves, questions will be raised on them as well. It is important that the Pakistan Cricket Board retire the old and old people now and like Waseem Khan.  Give people the opportunity to get acquainted with their work so that everything is done professionally and those who have the job do it themselves.

If you look at the new Domestic system, the best model is to provide players and coaches the best compensation and will give players of each team a contract of the year and can open up to an overseas player.  Players will have the opportunity to learn. but the main point is that the selection of coaches and players is still a question mark in the first domestic season of the new system. If matters remain the same in the new system then hope for international level talent Don’t be laid off