Weight Management-Tips for Muscle Gain

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When it comes to weight management, it is not always about losing weight. Gaining muscle mass is also very crucial for healthy life. People who look skinny in appearance are actually deficient in protein mass. Such people are classified as PEM (Protein Energy Malnutrition) patients. The condition is also know as “muscle wasting” where body weight doesn’t matches the height of the person.

As, already mentioned in the previous article (weight management-tips for losing fat) that weight is the sum of both fat and muscles present in human body. For gaining muscles, we must enhance the protein content in our diet. In addition to that, moderate exercise is also beneficial for weight gain. Therefore, always remember, “a healthy diet is nothing without consistent physical activity.”

Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass

So, here are some healthy and useful tips to gain and then maintain your body weight:

  • Use good protein sources in your daily diet, like; eggs, milk, meat (beef, mutton) and other milk & meat products.
  • Keeping in mind the true definition of weight, we need fat as well as protein to maintain our body weight. That’s why, we need good fat sources too. Dry fruits, nuts, fish meat & oil, olives and its oil are some good sources of healthy fat.
  • Take a healthy and nutritious breakfast to start your day. Then, followed by a great lunch and a light dinner will just lit your day with health. In addition, just use 2-3 snacks alternatively between your major meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner).
  • As snack, you can have some healthy meat steaks or handful of mixed nuts or some healthy fermented products.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to involve fruit and vegetable in your diet. Use them as either in the form of shakes, purees or soup but ensure their presence in your diet.
  • Two commonly used remedies for weight gain are;
    1. Banana Shake
    2. Date Shake
  • Another healthy tip is to add raisins in your diet. Use at least 7-11 raisins a day to get your desired results.

So, these were some healthy and useful tips or guidelines to achieve your weight goal. Diet is more than what you think, it can either make you healthy or can make you suffer. All depends on how you are managing it! Whenever you are following a diet, it takes more than your patience. It demands your will power, consistency and belief in yourself. Always remember;

Diet alone is of no use! Combine it with your physical efforts/activities and it will do wonders! You will feel the difference by yourself.