Weight Management-Tips for Fat Loss

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One of the major concerns nowadays is “how to reduce weight?“.

Well, it will be more relate-able if I say “how can someone reduce fat mass in the body?” As, body weight is the total of both protein and fat content present in human body. So, reducing weight may come in the sense of lowering both nutrient levels at the same time. And, protein loss is not our requirement. So, today we are going to have some healthy tips to lose fatty appearance with the use of balanced diet.

First of all, we must know why unnecessary fat accumulates into our body? So, the answer is very simple that excessive caloric intake means unnecessary fat storage in our body. But, i’ll try to make it even simpler by explaining in points:

  1. Skipped one meal and ate too much in the next meal
  2. Quickly went to rest after having meal
  3. Taking too much caloric dense foods (Fast foods, processed items, sweets, confectioneries etc.)
  4. Less water consumption
  5. Sedentary Life Style

So, these are some of the common factors leading towards unintentional fat gain. In addition to this, many environmental or genetic factors, peer group/pressure or family history, can also promote fatty appearance of body. We must learn to control these factors to prevent from being called “Fat”.

  • A point to remember;

Being fat and being healthy are both different concepts of health!

Having talked about causes of undesired fat storage in body, now, we’ll look for some guidelines to prevent it. Just some little changes in the life style and you’ll feel the difference.

Now, how we can tackle this? Very simple!

Healthy tips for losing excessive fat:
  1. Never skip a meal, it will prevent increased hunger for coming meal
  2. Resting right after consuming meals, causes the conversion of food particles into unnecessary fat molecules
  3. Don’t consume empty caloric/caloric dense foods in high proportion, it will only increase the calories in your body and will not satisfy your stomach. And, “the more calories you take the more fat you gain”
  4. Increase daily water consumption. Drink at least 7-9 glasses of water in 24 hours. It will help in filling your stomach quickly and you will eat less. Specially, have water during your meals.
  5. Last but not the least, increase your physical activity level. In other words, only diet will never help you in attaining your desirable weight unless you have any physical activity. Therefore, combined effect of diet and exercise will be more effective.
  6. In addition, raise the level of consumption of fruit and vegetable. It will provide essential fibre which will help in removing undesired fat, from body.
  7. Try to limit the consumption of processed foods, fast foods, confectioneries and other sweets, carbonated beverages, etc.

So, these were some very easy and healthy tips to avoid extra fat in your body. Give them a try and do follow to get your desired results!