Nutritional Needs for School Going Children-Part 1

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It is every parent’s dream to see their children growing and growing throughout the life. And for this they make sure that the child is getting high quality education, positive environment and good social interaction. But, in all this they miss the major contributor of their healthy growth. They forget to develop good and healthy nutrition habits in children.

As we all know that competition in educational field has risen to its peak. And, all that pressure of coming on top has disturbed the health of children very badly. It becomes even worse if the child has not been receiving good nutrition since his/her childhood. Thus, such stress environment of educational institutes impose a very bad and unhealthy effect on student’s health. All these factors lead towards impaired cognition, hypertension, excessive fatigue, muscle wasting and many other complications.

To avoid all these situations we must ensure the nutrient rich diet for our children. For this, we must develop healthy eating habits in them during their childhood period. As it is said, “what children learn in their early age, they practice that in their adult age.” Healthy diet means a balanced mixture of nutrients and calories. Everything according to its required portion size. It includes, variety of Fruit and Vegetable, milk, eggs, meat, nuts, pulses, legumes, etc.

Dietary Recommendations

As for school going children, breakfast is very important to keep them energise throughout the day. Breakfast must have major portions of complex carbs (for quick energy sources) and protein (to prevent fatigue and muscle degradation). Parents can provide either;

  1. 1 whole egg with 2-3 slices of bread along with 1 glass of milk, or,
  2. 1 and a half chapati (tortilla) with egg/curry (saalan)/ gravy with 1 glass fruit juice

These breakfast options will be a complete pack of essential macro and micro nutrients for school going children. Moreover, parents can also pack some healthy snack options to have in recess break. Snack items can be a fruit serving, a handful of nuts/dry fruits and other ready made food items which are easy to consume.

This is all for now!

In next article, I will share more of such healthy and appetising information because appropriate child nutrition is the need of time. Till then, stay healthy and keep your environment healthy.