Arthurs opens up on losing Pakistan coaching job

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Former Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur opened up in detail after his contract with the Pakistan cricket board ended.

Mickey was disappointed but had no “bitter” feelings towards the Pakistan cricket board. In an interview with ESPN correspondent Usman Samiuddin, Arthur opened up on life after Pakistan’s coaching job. He said that he missed the Pakistan coaching job but was now getting used to the reality 1 month down the line. He said that he certainly wanted to continue his job as Pakistan coach and that it was disappointing that he had to go. He specifically pointed out that he gave chances to young players. He was impressed by Pakistan’s returns in white ball cricket over the last three years. He admitted that he was given a fair chance and received quite a lot of “grilling” by the cricket committee. However, he was disappointed that the people on the cricket committee were people whom he trusted. But they told them one thing and did another thing. He specifically named Misbah and Wasim Akram.

“I guess the only disappointment I have out of the whole lot is that there were some people I really trusted who ultimately didn’t follow through,” Arthur told ESPNcricinfo’s Stump Mic podcast. “I’m not talking about the hierarchy, I’m talking about people on the cricket committee that I did trust who sort of said one thing and ultimately did another. So that was the disappointing aspect of it.”

I said Misbah would be outstanding because he was a godfather of Pakistan cricket and he is – Misbah is an outstanding individual make no mistake about that. And I sort of said, I thought Wasim Akram would be good to get on the committee because I think Wasim just understands the international game so well. He carries a huge stature in international cricket.

Those were guys I endorsed and guys I really enjoyed. As I say, they had a job to do and they decided it was in the best interests of Pakistan cricket to go with a fresh set of eyes. And it just happened to be that Misbah was on the committee that didn’t renew our contracts and becomes this heir-apparent. Ultimately Misbah will do a good job, Misbah is a good guy and Pakistan cricket made their decision. I was disappointed because I loved every second of that job.”

I was certainly given a chance, I was certainly given a grilling, I was certainly asked a lot of questions,” he said. “The thing that disappointed me just a little bit out of that was that a lot of the questions I was being asked were questions that could be debated either way. So it was a matter of opinion.

“A lot of it was spoken about it in hindsight – some of the selections etc etc, which was all in hindsight. And it’s always easy to speak in hindsight. And a lot of the information that they told me was actually factually incorrect. And [that was] I guess the information they ended up making their decision on. But, again, I just want to say it was a great time. Yes, I was disappointed but at the end of the day, I had three fantastic years with Pakistan.”

Yeah, I’ll make no bones about it, I would’ve liked to have gone on, because we had just built a team,” he said. “It had taken us three years to get to where we needed to be. Our T20 team was going along beautifully, No. 1 in the world, our ODI team, we had played a lot of young players who were just coming to the fore and I think we saw at the backend of the World Cup how exciting we could be as a team. And the challenge was going to be to build a new Test team, so there were a lot of interesting challenges out there with Pakistan. I was so looking forward to maybe carrying on for just a little bit extra.”