Shahid Afridi accuses IPL for SriLankan Players’ ouster of the Pakistan Series

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The main figure and the highest level of occupation of the heart, Shahid Afridi accuses IPL. Boom Boom Shahid Afridi tells media that Sri Lankan players wanted to come Pakistan but they told to loose IPL contracts if they visit to Pakistan. Pakistan haven’t seen a full series in front of huge passionate fans in crowd since 2009 but they are all set to get back at stadiums of Lahore and Karachi this from 27th of September till 9th of October.

Pakistan will host the full series of shorter formats if not the longer format of the game. But few concerns have taken the place before the series begins. All Sri Lankan senior players have refused to come Pakistan with security concerns even though their security team is fully convinced with the arrangements of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).  Recently Sri Lankan security team came and found no any hesitation in visiting Pakistan. But Sri Lankan players were not convinced so they declined to come. It is the reason why Shahid Afridi accused IPL.

“When I last time met Sri Lankan players, they all wanted to come Pakistan. They wished to visit Pakistan but they told, if they come to Pakistan, they will lost IPL contacts. IPL will not give them a contract if they come to Pakistan,” Shahid Afridi tells.

He believes IPL has played a big role. Sri Lankan players don’t want to loose their contracts. Many players have visited Pakistan since 2017 but a full series yet to take a place in Pakistan. PSL teams played one game in 2017, 4 games in 2018 and 8 games in 2019. In these matches many players have come and play. All were bigger than any Sri Lankan superstars. Even if Chandimal and Mathews come, they won’t be bigger names than who played last PSL in Pakistan. But their arrival would have really added value.