The Basic Concept Of Nutrition

Nutrition & Diet

So let’s talk about some healthy eating habits, shall we?
Nutrition is not about just eating whatever you get in front of you to eat. It is neither about eating only fruits and vegetables and omitting all kind of spices and tasty food items. It is also not about gaining too much calories from junk or processed foods like we do now a days.

Basically, nutrition is all about opting healthy lifestyle for the sake of yourself, for the sake of your health. By healthy lifestyle, it means to have metabolically active life style as well as physically active. To increase our physical activity we need to do some exercises like morning walk, fitness exercises, gym exercises or any kind of other physical activity that suits our body. To increase our metabolic rate, we must take different variety of natural foods in our diet.

Nutrition means to have something in a complete balanced proportion so that our body can get along with it. Our body is like a working machine and every machine requires some fuel for get going. And, to our body, balanced diet is like a high-octane fuel that will help it to make it through the busy routine of daily life. This energy we get from our eating will help us to cope with the daily chores of our life, either it is about going on a hectic job or doing heavy household works.

How to make our eating habits healthy?

Eating habits do not only define the quantity of food we consume in a day but also the quality of food we have in our daily routine. So, following are some tips to achieve healthy lifestyle:

  1. Meal times, like breakfast, lunch or dinner, are very crucial in making our diet healthy. For example; at what time you are having your breakfast or lunch or dinner! And, most importantly what you are having in these major meals! In breakfast, we need to take high carbs (whole grain cereals) and proteins (milk, egg) to make our stable for rest of the day.
  2. Always use 2-3 snack times through out the day to compensate your excessive hunger. For example, first snack time between breakfast and lunch and second one after lunch and before dinner. You can use some low caloric foods in these periods, like, a bit of fruit/fruit juice. Or you can have some salad, dry fruits or whatever healthy food items available to you. Just make sure you use it in a limit and don’t go too far.
  3. We have 7 days in a week and unlimited food options. So, how about we consume pulses/lentils/grams with some meat added in it for 3 days. Then, for next 2 days we can have veggies in our diet along with some olive oil or other healthy sauces. Remaining 2 days we can consume rice either boiled or cooked along with some meat or gravy or veggies.

(Remember! These tips are for healthy persons who are not suffering from any kind of health condition)

In short, whenever you sit to eat, just make sure following these rules:

  • What to eat?
  • How much to eat?
  • And, when to eat?

At the end, I would like to say your diet can either make you strong or can make you suffer. So be careful with it!