Nathan Lyon is huge weapon for Ben Stokes- Tim Paine


Nathan Lyon is huge weapon for Ben Stokes believes Australian captain Tim Paine ahead of fourth Ashes Test.

Before going to fourth Ashes, Australia has addressed themselves to stand tall against England, as they got to win only 1 match of remaining two matches to retain the Ashes for the first time since 2001 in England, however they also won the last Ashes in Australia. Before going to the top of their calibre, Australia have addressed themselves among all the coaching staff, Tim Paine and David Warner.

They normally got themselves behind the stumps to judge some error that they made during the 3rd Ashes Test where Ben Stokes batted to get them out of the race even after picking up 9 wickets with 76 runs left. However some bad decisions and fielding error let them down in no time to shake up their heads with no any pleasant result in the end.

“We know we made the some errors as a team and as individuals but we have moved on. We have to look forward rather than looking at the past,” Tim Paine

He also admired Ben Stokes class but they have got a huge weapon against Ben Stokes to track him as he believes that in last two Test matches Nathan Lyon has got Ben Stokes 5,6 times.

“We have got a huge weapon in shaps of Nathan Lyon who can trouble Ben Stokes as we have seen Ben Stokes couldn’t bat well against him. I think Nathan Lyon has got him 5,6 times in last two Test matches but unfortunately some didn’t come in our favour,” he added.

Tim Paine also believes that due to unavailability of Steve Smith everyone find them off colour and didn’t expect much of from them. However his team still fought hard and go onto pitch as favourite even at the last moment of the third Test match.