“He is rubbish, isn’t he?” – Geoffery Boycott

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So today we are gonna talk about a “south indian james bond” who thinks no one is better than him. This man has got some serious mental issues with everyone. He thinks that he can troll anyone, anytime and anywhere. But, in all that he forgot to take care of himself. And, this great mental personality that we are talking about is none other than, “Gautam Gambhir”. Here are┬ásome golden words said by Geoffrey Boycott, for Mr. Gambhir, during a series against England in 2014.

“He is rubbish, isn’t he? I told ya. He can’t bat. The way he leaves the ball is just carzy. You can’t play test cricket like that!”

A man who is a “troll material” himself, is trolling others on their good footsteps. Actually he is a failure and that’s why he doesn’t want others to succeed in their lives, either it is in sports or in moral life. This man has nothing to do with sportsmanship. For the prove, here is a tweet of his own:

This shows how much unethical person he is. He only knows how to brag about himself, neglecting the matter going on. He totally ignored the immoral behaviour of indian army towards the innocent Kashmiris and started to troll Afridi. All of this shows the conservative thinking of Mr. gautam and this made his stupidity even more clearer to the world. There is another saying, “Tit for Tat”. So, Afridi replied him in a very sober way:

Now, this might be enough for him to understand that he needs a psychiatrist in-spite of a twitter account. Anyhow, as cricket fans, we really wish him for his mental health and may he “Get Well Soon!”