Gambhir yet again tried to troll Shahid Afridi on Kashmir issue

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Gautam Gambhir yet again tried to troll Shahid Afridi on Kashmir issue when Shahid Afridi annouce to go to LOC.

Although Shahid Afridi is the person who has been missed by Gambhir a million times as Shahid Afridi refused to give him any response.

However it is believed that Gautam Gambhir is the only person from India who is desperately waiting for a reply from superstar but has been failed badly after getting no response whatsoever.

“Lets respond to PM call for Kashmir hour as a nation. I will be at Mazar e Quaid at 12 pm on Friday. Join me to express solidarity with our Kashmir brethren. On 6 September I will visit home of a Shaheed. I will soon be visiting LOC,” Shahid Afridi tweeted.

On which Gambhir couldn’t stop himself from answering Afridi with a hope to get reply back soon.

“Guys, in this picture Shahid Afridi is asking Shahid Afridi that what should Shahid Afridi do next to embarrass Shahid Afridi so that’s it’s proven beyond all doubts that Shahid Afridi has refused to mature !!! I am ordering online kindergarten tutorials for help Shahid Afridi,” he retweeted to reply Shahid Afridi.

Although it is beyond to react but Gautam Gambhir is trying to get a reply from a superstar as he is missing to get a response from superstar.