Spot Fixing-A Cancer for Cricket

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The word “Corruption” is not only used for politicians, but anyone misusing his power, responsibilities is a corrupted person. And, when it comes to Cricket, it has been a major drawback in this zone. As we say, where there is good, evil is also present. So, it all started way back in 1900s but it came to international prominence in 2010. And, everyone is aware of Amir, Asif and Salman Butt’s  scandal of spot fixing in 2010.

After that incident, there were many other culprits reported for this crime. The major show of such abduction happens in domestic or county leagues. Players are forced, either emotionally or financially, to make such mistakes that can cost their careers. Many players fall into boogie traps of bookies and put their careers at risk for a few bucks. But, the thing they don’t understand is what effect will it cast on their fans, families and fellows.

Currently, the latest news of spot fixing case has come out against 2 Hong Kong players. They have been found guilty of ICC anti-corruption code for doing match fixing during T20I WC 2016. Both the players are biological brothers with the names, “Irfan Ahmed” and “Nadeem Ahmed”. Both of them have been banned from cricket, for lifetime. A 3rd person is also involved in this case, too. Haseeb Amjad is also found guilty of anti-corruption code and has been banned for 5 years.

“Why don’t these players understand that such actions will only destroy their careers?!”

“How can they be this cruel to disturb the lives of their families, friends and fans?”

“Who will make them think about these realities and when will all this come to an end?”

How this can be avoided?

If cricket council wants to put an end on this, they must arrange awareness seminars for young and new players. There must be some Psychologists or counsellors in the management who will build players mentally as well as spiritually. Former players who have been through this or have experienced such events, must guide the young blood. That’s how it’s gonna be a happy ending for every cricket player and for fans as well.

The World of Cricket has already lost many players because of this curse but not anymore! We have to change and We will change!