No Toss in Quaid e Azam Trophy ?

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If any one of you have ever witnessed a game of Quaid e Azam trophy, You will always see ball swinging and seaming on green tops. Where most of the batsmen struggle to score.Toss is considered as an important factor in these kind of matches so if we take away the toss factor and let the guest team bowl then we might see a different game.

No Toss Policy has already been applied in English county cricket and now PCB also thinking to apply this policy in upcoming longer format of the domestic cricket.

Once in a Media Talk, PCB’s MD Waseem Khan said, ” I am surprised to see the scorecard of a couple of years’ first-class cricket. It gave me the impression that there is something seriously wrong. Matches finishing in a couple of days, teams getting out for low score, no tough matches that should be the forte of any first class cricket. We are considering other options and are even contemplating having no toss in first class matches,”

After seeing a green top every one wants to bowl and that’s where toss factor is important so a visiting team would love this idea of No-Toss.

In 2018, the ICC proposed the scrapping of the traditional coin toss in Test cricket matches, citing instances when host nations were criticised for, and sometimes found guilty of, changing the pitch conditions to suit themselves when playing this longest format of the game. The ICC proposed instead that the away (visiting) team should be given the right to choose whether to bat first or field first.

But one thing is to be noted that the No- toss is only applicable where the visiting team wants to bowl first. In all other cases both teams have to go for the toss.