Top 10 ODI Batsmen, irrespective their real rankings

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In the era where Batsmen used to control the match, using the field where ever they want. We have found top ten batsmen who are ruling the ODI cricket in this decade or last few years are so.

10: Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow used to use his batting handle so smoothly, his backfoot towards the angle of backing the ball is much smoother. Doesn’t look too classy or high runs maker but a real match winner and very consistent cricket especially in ODI cricket. He has made huge impact in making England team strong after 2015 World Cup.

9: Aron Finch

His making runs ability is higher than any Aussies player outside their home. In previous years he has scored impressive runs and many of them came as winning runs as well. Last tour of Pakistan in UAE is just example of that. He usually looks to play according to situation while can play aggressively too. After the ban Steve Smith and David Warner, he made the most of his chance of taking the game to the next level.

8: Shikhar Dhawan

Just like Virat Kohli, he likes to chase oftenly and many occasions where Virat Kohli finished the games he contributed largely. his making runs especially in England or Australia is something that you can absolutely go wow. His all big tournaments likes of Champions Trophy 2013, World Cup 2015, Champions Trophy 2017 went in India’s favour till next round because of him.

7: Faf Du Plessis

Don’t know whether he is Ab De Villiers’ brother or friend but after his retirement South Africa has only one player and that is Faf Du Plessis. He doesn’t like much turn of the ball but still can play spin very well and used to play fearless cricket. Making many runs for his team especially in India is his art. Although is known that except subcontinent players, others don’t like to play there because of spin.

6: Jason Roy

Although he hasn’t made many runs but what makes him so special is that he loves to win, no matter what the situation is, he never knows about his personal milestones but knows only how to win for England and it is what makes him so special player while after making his debut, England team became even dangerous and they came to know that having such players they can win anything and World Cup 2019 is just example of that.

5: Babar Azam

Many his countrymen call him selfish without knowing the fact that his runs usually come in winning cause for team Pakistan, whenever he gets runs Pakistan easily cross 270 and 300 at the times too but when he gets failed, even 200 runs for Pakistan is something 400 runs for them, over the years they have been on the shoulders of this young man who has caught the millions of attention in recent times. Even his coach Grant Flower didn’t have enough words to compliment him.

4: David Warner

He was the main pillar of Aussies since his debut to 2018 but still one year’s ban couldn’t stop him from making bundles of runs. After making comeback from one year’s ban he came into the Aussies’ side of World Cup and guess what, he made 647 runs in just 10 innings and out of those 7 came in victories for his side too much makes him huge impact player.

3: Rohit Sharma

Although he is No.2 rank player currently but we think No.3 is good for him because of the fact that he made most of the runs in India while can’t deny the fact that still he makes huge impact while making the partnerships with Virat Kohli most of the times. He has made 20 centuries after the World Cup 2015 jointly with Virat Kohli. Also 2nd highest runs getter after the World Cup after Virat Kohli who occupies No.1 slot of making most runs.

2: Kane Williamson

Many may come into shock after seeing his name occupying the No.2 spot but what makes him No.2 batsman is quite simple, his calmness in the pressure and taking the game away from opposition side in huge pressure is his real art which makes him even better player. Usually plays according to situation even though he can play aggressively but he differentiate the things into two factors that even come into his favour later on.

1: Virat Kohli

I believe that no one will doubt about him why he is no. 1 player. A real class of chasing the big targets. It doesn’t matter that any player like MS Dhoni comes to bat and finished the game when India need 10 runs from 12 balls because Virat Kohli finished it even India need 30 off 35. It is what any team wants from their players to finish the game even before finishing it.

These are top ten batsmen that we introduced before you all after considering the facts of making the runs and making the huge impact in it too. Now you might think about Joe Root and Steve Smith’s places in top ten but we clarify that they might be in fab four due to their overall performances in all three formats but given names make more huge impact in ODIs than them.