We are not here to break the helmets

Australia England

Australia is dealing with the huge blow as Justin Langer showed the same while saying it is the huge blow to loose Steve Smith for third Ashes Test match.

“We are not here to hit the helmets and break them but for the win, we want to win, although bouncers are the key but wickets will be slower in Leeds,” said Justin Larger Aussies coach.

We are here to win so whatever works on the pitch, we will apply, and will stick with our plans but can use the bouncers as well if needed, he said.

Yes it is huge blow that Steve Smith won’t be a part of third test match but he knows that he isn’t 100 percent so it is the time for new comers to fill the shoes as England are also missing their most successful bowler James Anderson, he added.

Although England have announced the XII for next test but Australia yet to announce their XI or XII for next match while it is understood that concussion’s replacement will replace Steve Smith in the next game.

England expected to play same XI as they want to give an other chance to Jason Roy who they have believed in, they believe that Jason Roy will soon get them something while their head coach wants Jason Roy to bat in middle order as they reckon that he will be more successful there.