/All-Time Captains ODI XI/ Best ever captains ODI XI

All-Time Captains ODI XI/ Best ever captains ODI XI

The game of cricket can be played without one main bowler short, as irregular can replace him, can be played one batsman short as we have seen many a times but it can’t be played without a captain although vice-captain can replace him but captaincy will still be played on the ground so there is no any chance of playing a match without a leader. We have picked a lineup that belongs to only captain that combinely make a combination of full regular XI with openers, bowlers and middle order batsman and a wicketkeeper specialist as well.

Captaincy plays a huge role in the world Cup cricket, that’s all much of the credit of winning the series or mega event goes to captain even if they don’t contribute much but we have found an XI that even contributed hugely and captained the team brilliantly as well. So we are starting from openers:

1: Graeme Smith

He has lead the South Africa brilliantly after being appointed at very little age, has got huge success in Test that may only a player can think about, also won many series away from home in the ODIs including Australia and England, he is occupying the winning percentage of more than 50% and was huge successful with bat and also with his captaincy that even South Africa didn’t go anyone before his retirement from the cricket. He hasn’t got only few innings that defines his character but many that even we couldn’t include much of. He was the best opener South Africa ever got till date although we can’t guarantee for upcoming years although he can be compared to Hashim Amla as well but his captaincy has lead him towards this lineup.

2: Saurav Ganguly

He is known as Dada of India cricket, may be a first person in the history of India cricket who changed the entire team from dark to brightness, before him India wasn’t that much stronger team, although was but not the best we know today. He used the firework players and got the most talented young blood like Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra and list goes on, although some players didn’t debut in his captaincy but got full backup from Dada and he made India team much stronger in no time. He was perfect opener who changed the entire complexion of the India team after being the captain, he also have the percentage more than 50 in ODIs.

3: Ricky Ponting

who hasn’t know about his captaincy, absolutely a top class with among the best batsman of the world as well, he led Australia towards two World Cup’s histories with back to back of 2003 and 2007 with all the talent of his batting and his captaincy was the top class as well, he got the team and made the most of it by providing the best scenario in the match where he made his team victorious from nowhere. However many say that he got full lineup of winners but he was the best among all in that period with his captaincy skills on the top as well. Rickey Ponting also led the team on the time when he got retired in 2011/2012, although he had some more years left but Australia players usually get retirement at the age of betweet 33 and 36. He got the winning percentage more than 64.

4: Steve Waugh

He is another Australian gun who won the world cup in 1999 against Pakistan in England, was marginly successful with his bat and also with his captaincy, although his records suggest that he also got a best team of Australia but best team can’t defeat even a worse team when captain didn’t lead the team in perfect way and also can not contribute with the bat or ball, but he led the brilliantly with his captaincy skills and his batting was also the master class, he was also used to bat in middle order so the given number also marginly suit him here too, he got the winning percentage more than 60.

5: Brian Lara

Brian Lara is the best Windies player, although comparison with Sir Vivian Richards will be on the top to select whether who is the best ever Windies player but due to his more games and more contribution towards his team saw him best ever Windies ODI player who also led them with the percentage of more than 50. Although he didn’t get the team of master blasters or even wasn’t so much of bowler but still get the team home many a times with his capabilities of captaincy and his batting. Surely a best batsman among many, he also have been ranked in top five of all time batsman, can’t say enough as cricket has produced many legends but he was surely among them.

6: Imran Khan (C)

The character also will lead this lineup as well, not because he is famous of his captaincy or was the one and only captain who brought a world cup to Pakistan but also was tge fact that he got the weakest team among all the present captains here, still go onto win the World Cup for Pakistan, also he was the one who liked to face challenges rather than complaining about the weak team, he was used to challenge the opponent and was usually known as fighter. He asked opposition to bring the best team so that he can challenge them, the best dialogue by Sunil Gavaskar is still the fresh in many’s mind that he (Imran) asked him to stay in the team so that his team (Pakistan) can beat a team who had Sunil Gavaskar in the lineup in 1987. had the winning percentage of 59 as ODI captain.

7: MS Dhoni (WK)

He was given a team that produced by Dada (Ganguly) won a T20I World Cup in 2007 Against Pakistan in South Africa, won the ODI World Cup in 2011 in India against Sri Lanka by famous six on mid-onn by MS Dhoni himself, won the Champions Trophy 2013 against England in England. These all numbers suggest MS Dhoni as great captain, most importantly he also contributed many victories for India with his batting, he was used to finish the games in last overs with needing more than 10 runs. With all that he also made a team that is being used now under Virat Kohli, he made Rohit Sharma as an opener who is averaging 59 now, best among all openers, brought Shikhar Dhawan and gave many a times to Virat Kohli in Test after failing in Test again and again. He is also having the percentage of more than 55 in ODIs.

8: Kapil Dev

If someone had remember the team of India in 1983 who beaten the team who was like unbeatable, strongest team of West India who was used to break the batsmen’s bones in that era but Kapil Dev’s brilliance made the impossible thing into possible and thrashed West India in 1983 to win the World Cup for India, he also contributed with his bat and bowl, and is still rated among the best ever and upper MS Dhoni in India.

9: Wasim Akram

OMG a name himself suggest a biggest bowler cricket has ever produced, although Glenn McGrath is among his comparison but if it voted then there is no doubt that Wasim Akram will win by huge margin, was the best cricketer and energetic as well, occupied the percentage of 59 as he contributed heavily with his ball, also contributed with his bat on given times but as he was also rated best captain by his playing days’ players like Shahid Afridi as he rated him best under he played.

10: Daniel Vettori

How a lineup can be adjusted without a spinner in the lineup as we have found Daniel Vettori in the team as spinner who had won many series away from home, Pakistan series in UAE was his best as he won the thriller series when Mohammad Amir and Saeed Ajmal gave a heartbreak by providing huge last wicket partnership to Pakistan as they needed 8 runs in the last over but they couldn’t finish in style as New Zealand led by Daniel Vettori team won the series, he also brought his team to the Champion Trophy 2009 final, in the end lost by Australia. Contributed hugely with his all round performance in his tenure as he occupied more than 50%.

11: Shaun Pollock

Shaun Pollock was the among best pacer South Africa ever produced, also used to bat, was highely successful with his bat and bowl as well, although he was known as better bowler than a batsman but used the get many runs for his team as well. Won some away series as well with not so much strong team like Ricky Ponging or MS Dhoni, but he knew how to make the most of given team on the day. He occupied more than 50% in his tenure.

All the mentioned player have winning percentage of more than 50, some who were known as best batsman or best bowlers hadn’t much of success as skipper like Sachin Tendulkar who missed out from this XI, samewise this XI chosen by both angles.