PCB mulling to appoint one man as both head coach and chief selector

The Pakistan cricket board, according to sources is thinking on serious lines to appoint one man as the head coach and chief selector of the national side. The head coaches of the six provincial first class teams would then be the other members of the selection committee.

This model has been implemented in New Zealand and has been a major successs for the New Zealand side over a period of time. Pakistan cricket could well benefit from this format with added responsibility on one individual giving him extra authority as well as him being accountable for the results produced in his tenure. It would also mean that two men instead of three would have arguments over selection matters with the coach and chief selector being the same individual and so confusion would be avoided. This would also mean that the chief selector will know the exact strengths and weaknesses of a player since he would have coached him and worked with him in the nets. So when selecting a team for the next tour the chief selector would be able to easily decide whether the particular player is ready for that particular tour looking at the conditions and the opposition’s strengths and weaknesses and comparing them with the strengths and weaknesses of that particular player. The head coach being the chief selector would mean that the chief selector would directly be involved in strategy making and helping the captain out in implementing the plans thought out in team meetings.

The coach being with the team on tours and working with the guys in the squad in the nets knows exactly the different pitch and ground conditions and can then select a team accordingly. Coaches having spent time with the players also understand the psyche of players and know the time when a player needs a break from the game. So the coach being the chief selector can provide a particular player with that break when the player needs it. This proposed model also means that the head coaches of the six provincial first class teams would work under the guidance of the head coach of the national team and would get to learn many things about the coaching of international sides. The domestic coaches would also continuously monitor players playing first class cricket and provide feedback about players who could potentially play for Pakistan in times to come. The interaction of domestic coaches with Pakistan’s head coach would make the first class cricket environment no different than international cricket with systems implemented in the national side being directly implemented in domestic sides and this would only benefit Pakistan cricket in times to come.

The new setup at the Pakistan cricket board lead by chief executive officer Wasim Khan is certainly taking radical measures to help improve the standard of cricket in Pakistan. The people now at the helm of affairs are prepared to think out of the box and implement things that can actually supply results rather than implementing text book stuff without positive results being obtained.