Why Smartphones get Slow over time??? Here is reason and Solution 🔥


People have been facing difficulties over Mobile phones’ slowness with the time of a year or two.

Usually it has been seen that mobiles start getting slow after a one year or two, there are several reasons which usually poeple themselves understand that applications do a lot of harm to mobiles but why?

When we start using new mobile we use latest version of any mobile but have you ever seen any application with same version after 2 years? Nup because every application gets a better version with time so it is hard to expect that mobiles work with same range after two years.

Mobiles’ batteries also went down over time which is usual everyone know but the CPU of mobile doesn’t allow mobiles to work faster when battery is already hot because it can damage all the systems of mobile.

Who doesn’t need smartphones but everyone wants mobile with better capabilities even after two years, good battery life, fast running of mobiles, everyone wants this but how it could be possible ?


The applications that you hardly use should be avoid in mobiles, often charging must be stopped, most importantly upgrade every application that you use everyday in your life, but those applications what you hardly use in a week must be uninstall for the sake of mobiles so that you can get better results.