Technological Automation is coming towards you


Haven’t heard such things so often but lets talk what are coming towards us in next two or so decades.

Since ever the technology has come a long way, has been chipping up in, being involved with it, it has increased much of people’s value to all of their desiring things by themselves, not to let decide futures by parents or others so.

Before some year, there were rarely shaped up of things that may have made people do what can be important in their near future.

After technological automation’s journey, ordinary people even like me came from their shaded beds to make their part in this era, where hard work has involved highly by any nation, in next future people will be able to see a lot of changes like, people will be searching their jobs on internet rather than serving “Biggers” who may be richer to pay on the services.

What recently has been changed? Mobiles, Social Networks, Laptops and other things are the example of looking at the things. the expectations are being involved that there will be a total of change in two decades, people may see an other thing rather than may be “Mobiles” too, who knows, everything is possible in the world of Technology.

You won’t see people will be working for others, may be for human to serve them information by their “Art or Services”.