4 Things You Should not do with your Smartphones/Mobiles


Smartphones have been playing a vital role in nowadays’ life with having Internet attached to it, much of similar to the passion of old era where people were taking TVs as their life’s important part.

Smartphones has changed the whole of system as many things have been effected by it too likes, Radio, TV, Watches, Cameras and more things, the craze of those materials have been put down to the earth after Smartphones’ arrival. They lost whole of their business just because of Smartphones. After playing a vital role in your life smartphones need your care too.

  • 1. Avoid Swipe

    Don’t swipe the phone, it really doesn’t need your swipe, Smartphones are itself “Smart” they can do their job themselves, it doesn’t effect your Ram, Rom or battery life, even when you swipe your folders and hide them they take your time as well as your battery life.

2. Don’t compromise on cleanliness of mobile

Cleanliness of mobile won’t get your bank balance but only a time to make it fresh and it will look like a new brand which may help you to increase 10% of selling price when you go to sell it, so don’t compromise on it.

  1. 3. Don’t use extra applications

    Yes you heard it right, don’t install an application that you may not use in your future plans, if you have installed just take a time to uninstall immediately, more applications you have the more risk you are taking to finish your mobile’s life earlier.

  2. 4. don’t charge Mobile oftenly

    It has been seen that people are interested in charging mobile too often, once mobile gets into 80,70% they just go towards chargers to take in it back into 100%. But it effects your mobile’s Battery too high as a single per cent can’t survive too often to take it back into charging and usage.

Such things should be avoided for the sake of mobiles’ survival.