TikTok Could Be Banned in India // TikTok might be banned in India


India is in the consideration of banning TikTok from the country, the hype of TikTok in India haa reached its highest level, people are getting the full time to invest in it in India.

Many have settled their career at the platform as well, and many are looking forward to it as well, some of them have reached the level where someone really can’t reach as many of them are getting time to just do what even people can’t expect from them, recently a girl was showing her chest before the Audience and it went viral which created many problems for India’s upcoming generation.

After looking at these issues Indian Govt: decided to take action against TikTok and asked them to stop such rubbish from the platform, and they also wrote them that you have to stop it as any case otherwise it would be end of the TikTok in India for entire life.

TikTok answered them through their socialization but official answer yet to be discloed by them, if it doesn’t appear till 22nd July it would be the end of the TikTok and it is seen that only answer will not enough too, a perfect response would be greater way to stop India banning TikTok.

Not only the sexuality but many of people using it as political benefits as well, they are promoting their parties by their videos of short clips, such things have become the headache for India in recent times so they want to stop it as soon as possible, the perfect response is the only way to save it otherwise 22nd July will be officially date to ban TikTok from India.