Qualifications scenarios for Team Pakistan for semis

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New Zealand vs England match will decide the fate of Pakistan’s qualification for the semis.

Here are some qualification scenarios:
If New Zealand beats England, then Pakistan will have to beat Bangladesh otherwise it’s England who is gonna qualify for semi even after losing the match.

If England beats New Zealand then there is 220 runs margin between Pakistan and New Zealand which means Pakistan will have to maintain the remaining difference after New Zealand’s loss.

For Suppose:
New Zealand loses the match by 50 runs, Pakistan will have to beat Bangladesh bt atleast 170 runs. the bigger margin New Zealand loses the lesser margin Pakistan will have to win against Bangladesh.

If the match between England and New Zealand washes off then both the teams will go through semis as Pakistan can’t win the match against Bangladesh by the margin of 350.

If match between Pakistan and Bangladesh washes off, still England and New Zealand will go through.

Best chance for Pakistan is to expect New Zealand to win against England so that Pakistan will have a chance to get a ticket for semi without any equations.