Zaheer Khan calls Pooran X-Factor for Windies


Pooran was seen getting his team home just a few overs ago before match was being won by the Srilanka, he showed the world what he can produced for the world of cricket at international circuit.

Zaheer Khan most lovable person in Pakistan, have served India a lot with his match winning abilities, also have been called best ever Indian seamer, just has called Pooran as X-Factor for Windies.

You are always looking at the players who can hit and can finish the game, Pooran has showed it that he is providing X-Factor to Windies, the way he has been playing the cricket nowadays, he has played cricket for many franchises as well as for IPL where he showed the potential that he can be provide X-Factor thing, says Zaheer Khan.

Pooran has the ability to hit a ball very hard as Zaheer Khan was also expecting him to get a hundred in the match and he did it, unfortunately he couldn’t finish the game, the way Windies wanted but he showed the potential that he can finish the games in future for Windies.

He made 118 runs from just 103 balls, and brought Windies back in the game from nowhere, they seem to be in so much trouble but he brought them out of that trouble and reach them just close the target.