Srilankan Cricket Board complains to the ICC for “unfair”


It was seen that Srilankan team has been playing on the green pitch in the World Cup so far.

Srilankan Official has complained to the ICC about the unfair to them by putting them to play on green pitches, they think that every other team is getting full batting paradise but they are not which is totally unfair to them.

It is worrying that we are treated as another team which differentiate us from other teams that all of other teams are getting batting paradise but we are treating as other team.

We have complained to the ICC and will be writing them about this matter untill we get a reply, not only we are getting green pitches but also have been given only two net session’s wickets as others are getting three, Srilankan Official said.

Even Bangladesh and Pakistan have been given facilities of “Swimming pools” but we haven’t, the swimming pools are so necessary because after so much hard worker in nets players get some rest in it and is neccessary because the muscles getting some movement in it.

Srilanka’s two matches have been washed out so far and one went as loss against New Zealand whereas they have won one game against Afghanistan in this mega event.

Even teams like Australia and South Africa are facing full batting paradise but Srilankan team is being treated as an other team in the mega event.