Pakistan gets a chance to improve after first ODI interrupted

Pakistan gets a major chance to work on their game.

Pakistan came up after being white Washed against Aussies in rented home with without their regular players but it was the case that Shoaib Malik himself said that they don’t want to win but to check their bench strength.

They lost easily but had excuses to sideline their loses but from here in England they are having their full lineups and their main players are being preferred to play main cricket in country where all the important mega event will be played.

Even though Pakistan couldn’t get the start they wanted in the first ODI but they didn’t lose the match either due to rain, due to that reason in mind, now they can improve the major setbacks in their lineups, their major problem is their run in the beginning overs where their run rate is only 4.3 per over which is at the 9th rank in the World.

They have got some major issues in power hitting in the last overs as well but the temperament is the biggest issue they are lacking at the moment which may cause them huge loses as well, once they get great start, they don’t capitalise it in shape they don’t achieve the targets that other nations are getting easily.

Making century with low strike rate is also their main issue because Pakistan gets a century on 108 ball averagely whereas only a Bangladesh team is behind them otherwise other all the teams gets quicker, even team like Afghanistan gets quicker hundred than Pakistan.

At the moment Pakistan needs to improve these stats to go ahead for the World Cup, they have got great chance because in England it is easy to maintain strike rate and also hitting can be easier as compared to UAE.

Shoaib Malik will also boost their run rate because he is handy player in middle of the overs so Pakistan have got a great chance to improve their major issues in England before World Cup.