Pakistan batsman admitted the ball tempering accident

It took place in 2010 when Pakistan came up against Australia in 5th ODI when Shahid Afridi was given a captaincy charge

He himself admitted that he has done it while the video gone viral on that occasion on YouTube but it was not easy for any player to admit it straightaway, he was caught at the same time on which he was charged for two matches which he missed against England later on.
It is not only case with Legend Shahid Afridi but also happened with many players in Pakistan, recently trio of Australia had served the ban of a year for same action against South Africa
Afridi has admitted that he done it in 2010 because he needed that win because team already bad lost 4 games in five-match ODI series, so it was must win game and they had post only few runs to defend so it was critical situation for that action. he admitted in his book Game Changer