/Horror pitches in Quad-e-Azam trophy

Horror pitches in Quad-e-Azam trophy

Quad-e-Azam trophy has produced some horror pitches in the tournament.
The tournament is set the play big role for none as what we have seen from few years. Players used to get bad pitches that even a National Bank team could not make more than 44 runs in the whole inning.
Playing on these pitches always a shame for a player as you have to grow a player by giving batting pitches but PCB has other plans as they prefer PSL over Quad-e-Azam trophy.
It does not make any sense to play domestic if player can’t be selected by the domestic performance and how can player be selected if you give them a horror type of pitches in the tournament where from you are supposed to select a player for national team.
Green tops with nothing for the batsman will always make you feel that you will have to take risk of leaving cricket to try an other profession where you may suit better.
Getting two hundred runs are more difficult in Quad-e-Azam than getting 300 runs in South Africa.
PCB must provide a batting friendly pitches to batsmen to grow them for a highest level cricket.