PM Imran Khan responded over poor performance of Pakistan Cricket

PM Imran khan seeks report from Ehsan Mani after Pakistan poor performance in the Asia Cup at their adopted home ground while playing for many years at the same Venue.

Pakistan displayed poor show in the tournament after bashing Hong Kong by 8 wickets in the opener match of team, and same way bashed by the Indian team by same wickets as well.

Their performances were below par in the tournament as they won the match against Afghanistan team by fighting really hard as like they (Afghan) were No.1 team in the world.

Their second match of the super four fixture was with India team and same way they disappointed the nation even worst way by getting defeat by 9 wickets with ease.

Still they had a chance to get through but Bangladesh were better side enough to kicked them out of the tournament and go through to the final to take on India.

Sarfaraz Ahmed had some dialogues with the some anchors by saying, I accept that I let the nation down by my personal performance in batting as well as in captaining the side.

Still backing my side the fact that they are ones who won us many big matches and have been so brilliant in the field as well, one tournament doesn’t define your team, time to sit down and discuss where we can improve.