You have to play cricket before reaching to the finals says: Shoaib Malik

You have to play cricket before reaching to the finals says: Shoaib Malik

Shoaib malik has been the one man army for the Pakistan in this Asia Cup after getting 181 runs at the average of 90+ in this tournament, on the other hand his team did nothing to save Pakistan from two big margin losses against Team India, one was by 124 balls to spare and the other was by 9 wickets, both the margins came from this tournament.

India looks so balanced team in the shape of three spinners and two fast bowlers who are doing exceptionally well throughout this tournament especially in the death overs.

Yes we have to play really good cricket before the final to reach into the finals by beating Bangladesh but we have to sit with each other to settle the things around, and solve the problems and we have to make some changes not in the team selections but in the individual.

These pitches are like to get 300 and 350 runs but you have to play good cricket in the middle to fire in the last part of the inning, once player set will get more score in the last few overs says: Shoaib Malik

It is likely to see final between Pakistan and India which means they will play 3 matches in the 10 days and people will see a 3 match series as well after 2012. Pakistan is playing here for 8-9 years in the UAE.

India is playing here for the first time after many years, we used to see Indo-Pak clashes here but this team didn’t play here before and have come up as the 2nd favorite but now has became the first favorite team after beating Pakistan in one-sided game both the times they played here in Dubai.

Pakistan is the team which used to come from difficult situation better than others in the short time.