Sarfaraz Ahmed Praises Pakistani actors and their cinema’s efforts

Sarfaraz Ahmed who is the national captain has all praises for the Pakistani celebrities who are ruling cinemas nowadays.

After some tremendous movies everyone are eager to show their happiness towards the celebrities, there are some movies are telecasting in cinemas and earning some money as well as some respect for their hard work to make movies so famous and watchable.

Sarfaraz Ahmed said in the latest tweet that Pakistan movies are at the right track and mentioned some names in his tweet by starting the list of the mentioned actors like Humayun Saeed Fahad Mustafa Uzma Khan Mawra Hocane and some others as well who made cinemas full owing the their hard work and some efforts as well.

He mentioned the names of the actors who are acting in the movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 which means that Sarfaraz liked that movie in which Fahad Mustafa came up to thank him by tweeting Thank you our captain and best of the luck for the Asia cup go and make us proud.

celebrities are seems to be in touch by some time now which is the best thing happening in the Pakistan now before it was not happening the film industries were not praising cricketers and cricketers were the same in the case too.