Asia Cup 2018 full schedule and all details you need to know

Asia cup set to take place in the UAE from 15th of September.

Bangladesh and Srilanka will clash each other in the first encounter of the Asia cup, whereas the tournament consists upon some others team as well, having two group in the shape of A and B.

A group has India and Pakistan while the group B has Bangladesh, Srilanka and Afghanistan, all of these are confirmed participants while one team will join the A group from the clashes among UAE, Singapore, Oman, Nepal, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Top of the table will join the group A.

Here is the full schedule

15 September- Srilanka vs Bangladesh ( Dubai )

16 September- Pakistan vs Qualifier ( Dubai )

17 September Afghanistan vs Srilanka ( Abu Dhabi )

18 September – India vs Qualifier ( Dubai )

19 September- Pakistan vs India ( Dubai )

20 September – Afghanistan vs Bangladesh ( Abu Dhabi )

Super Four Round

21 September – Group A winner vs Group B runner-up ( Dubai )

23 September- Group B winner vs Group A runner-up ( Abu Dhabi )

23 September- Group A winner vs Group B runner-up ( Dubai )

24 September-  Group B winner vs Group B runner-up ( Abu Dhabi )

25 September- Group A winner vs Group B winner ( Dubai )

26 September- Group A runner-up vs Group B runner-up ( Abu Dhabi )

And the Final of Asia cup will take place on 28th of September.

All the teams are well prepared for this Tournament while team India is already busy at playing some great cricket in England, nothing better than playing consistently cricket before big tournament, it will help India team if they manage their fitness issues after playing some valuable cricket.

On the other hand Pakistan is unfortunate in this case as they are not playing any cricket series after Zimbabwe Series, they will need to sort out this issue immediately to bring some realization playing against top team like India, pitches will favor Pakistan but none the less India is already known these kind of surfaces because they are used to playing on similar pitches.