Imam ul Haq’s statement about India team, going viral

Imam ul Haq statement going viral on the internet today after his talking show with Zainab Abbas last day.

He stated that if you get Indian team captain Virat Kohli out you will definately  gets their 50% team out and their other players will be in pressure and will find a way to go pavilion in no time after dismissal of captain Virat Kohli, Their team is reliant on the Virat Kohli in previous times, he is the half Indian team according to Imam ul Haq saying in the TV show with Zainab Abbas.

Talking about playing against India

It id the dresm come true for me to play against India as I grow up of thinking about playing against them, match will be excited everyone is busy in training to keep warm and be ready to clash our arch-rivals in Asia Cup in September. Match will be going eye catching to every person as the nation of both sides will be looking to support their team and the hopes will be high of the nation to bring Asia Cup home.

Strategy about playing against India

Micky Author always convey us to play on our abilities of our capabilities, if you are a bowler you have to perform in your bowling department , if you are a batsman you have to deliver in your batting batting department any how to cement your place in the team but if you are fielding you have to field well to make sure that your team is backing up and save some runs as well as talking wickets and make other team to back on their back foot.

your job still not done you have to make sure that you have to deliver you have to do your best in your ability and make them count as capability to survive and make your place in the team.

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