Twitter salutes Virat Kohli as he brought his first ever century in England

Twitter salutes Virat Kohli as he brought his first ever century in England

Virat always delivers when his team needed him most and always hungry for making big hundreds and stuns the crowd as always

Twitter salutes Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has brought a century on the England soil first time ever in his entire career in the Test, twitter can’t help without tweeting something in the favor of Virat Kohli someone came to call him the modern superstar and some have come to call him a king as he was called it before but the century came up the very first time in his career, how fan can stay away after seeing a fabulous inning under the pressure.

Virat Kohli answered the criticism by his batting although there were some chances created by the Virat Kohli in his inning but it is a part of the game, but the way he batted with the tails it was something fans were waiting for a long time to see Virat Kohli bats with the tails in the end.

Not just fans but there are many cricketers who were busy to tweet for Virat Kohli, twitter couldn’t stay away by tweeting for him, some examples will be shown below, but before we show the pictures below we need to discuss about the facts that he brought to his career to be as successfull as he never before.

Virat Kohli toured the England in 2014 where he failed very badly and could only make 134 runs in his 10 innings on that tour so it was hype that came from the socialization that he will be struggling again this time against the same England side but he proved it wrong by making 149 runs in just his first inning of the tour.

Here are some tweets from the fans and cricketers